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About Us

XpressBio manufactures and markets molecular and immunological products and services to the bioscience research community around the world. Our customers are some of the leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, government, and academic organizations around the world.

We manufacture ELISA immunoassays and reagents for antibody detection in mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits. Our health monitoring ELISA assays include all of the common pathogens such as MHV, TMEV, PVM, Sendai, EDIM, and MAD. We also manufacture unique assays such as Native MPV, Native RPV, Pasteurella, and Helicobacter. Our customizable Multiplex ELISA Assays are totally unique in the industry, and provide up to 6 different results from 1 well.

We have recently added several new ELISA assays for vaccine research and immunoglobulins. Our Total IgE assay can be utilized for prediction of fur mite infestation in animal colonies.

We also manufacture research HIV products, cDNA Libraries and Telomerase assays. We offer PCR service for all the common pathogens in research animals.

We are a small company that is committed to satisfying our customers by providing high quality products and services matched by superb customer services.

Our research capabilities and extensive experience allow XpressBio to continuously expand its product portfolio through responding to the needs of clients for a customized solution. Partnering with clients in this manner allows us to customize assays for client needs while simultaneously expanding our product offering.

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