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Ordering Information


Orders will be accepted by email, fax, phone, or mail. Orders may be confirmed but should be marked "Confirming Only". All orders must contain a purchase order number and name of the person who is placing the order. Request for order confirmations will be fulfilled only to orders with email addresses. Please do not request fax confirmations.

Please address order to:

Express Biotech International
P.O. Box 576
Frederick, MD 21705
Phone: 301-228-2444
Fax: 309-560-6570
US Toll Free: 888-562-8914

Please contact us for our NIH BPA, NCI, DUNS, EIN, or SBA numbers. ExpressBiotech is small woman owned Company.

Special Orders

  • All shipments with dry ice are subject to a $20.00 handling charge
  • All orders smaller than $1000 will be subject to $20 handling charge
  • All international orders must be pre-paid prior to shipment
  • All international orders incur an additional handling charge

See our Terms of Sale for more information

5 South Wisner Street
Frederick, MD 21701

USA Phone: + 301-228-2444

Fax: + 301-560-6570

US Toll Free: 888-562-8914

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express

FAX credit card info to
+ 301-560-6570

​Or call us at

Please DO NOT email us with this information.