Chromatrap ChIP-Seq – IP Only (Protein A)


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The Chromatrap® ChIP-Seq kit is designed to enable researchers to efficiently enrich chromatin and detect binding of low abundant transcription factors and histone modifications with superior selectivity and specificity from the smallest quantity of starting material. This unique filter-based kit contains no magnetic or agarose beads. Users benefit from the inherent low background of a ChIP technology that performs faster and is dramatically easier to use than conventional kits.

The flexible ChIP-Seq kit that allows the user to perform up to 24 ChIP assays using chromatin extracted by your method of choice*. This version of the Chromatrap ChIP-seq kit provides all reagents and components required to selectively and specifically enrich transcription factors and histone modifications.

*chromatin preparation reagents not included

Unit Quantity

24 Assays

Shipping Temperature

-70C, +4C

Storage Temperature

-70C, +4C

 For Research Use Only. Not for Diagnostic Use.
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