Chromatrap RNA Extraction Kit (50 Columns)


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Reproducibly extract high-quality total RNA from cells and tissues. The Chromatrap® RNA Extraction kit offers a fast and efficient method for extraction of high quality total RNA from a wide range of samples. Cells are lysed and captured by a high yield membrane contained within a spin column to maximize RNA capture and minimize sample loss.

  • Obtain application-ready Total RNA in as little as 10 min
  • Extract up to 1000 µg pure RNA
  • Compatible with a wide range of samples including buccal swabs, buffy coat and gram negative bacteria
  • Ideal for  cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, RNA-seq, microarrays, Northern blotting, RNAse/S1 nuclease protection, Poly(A) selection, transfection, localization studies and primer extension.

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50 Columns

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 For Research Use Only. Not for Diagnostic Use.
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