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ADME Assays

ADME Assays

Sovicell TRANSIL assay kits are ready-to-use ADME assay kits with built-in quality control measures that cut laboratory time by a factor of 10 and give scientists more data to more accurately comprehend the results.

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9 Reasons to Use Sovicell TRANSIL Assay Kits:

  • Ready to use: Eliminate assay set-up time and have assay run by non-specialized lab technicians
  • Built-in Quality Control: Eliminate the need to run additional tests for assessing recovery and plausibility of results
  • Standardized Assays: Be sure to always run your assays under the same conditions and avoid the pitfalls of shifting pH during incubations
  • Minimal Labor Requirement: TRANSIL 96-well assay kits require only the addition of the test item. Everything else is provided so that results can be obtained within 30 minutes
  • Immobilized Biological Phase: Plasma proteins and membranes are immobilized on porous beads to ensure rapid binding interactions and to eliminate the need to separate the test items from the matrix
  • Unbiased LCMS/MS results: All samples obtained from TRANSIL assays are matrix-free and can thus be quantified in seconds
  • Long-Term Stability: All TRANSIL assay kits have a shelf life of at least one year.
  • Easy Data Analysis: All TRANSIL assay kits come with an Excel spreadsheet for fast and thorough data analysis with a traffic light QC system
  • When Everything Else Fails: Specialized TRANSIL assays for plasma protein binding provide a means for assessing plasma binding of highly lipophilic, sticky, and tightly bound drugs