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Product Citations

Our products have been used in countless studies by publications and organizations around the world. We’ve gathered them here so you can see the vital role our products play in the scientific field!

All XpressBio Product Citations

HIV-1 p24 ELISA Kit Citations


We don’t just release a new product and call it a day. We want you to be informed about every purchase you make, so we provide detailed documentation that breaks down each product by features, applications, and other statistics.

Press Releases

Sometimes, an XpressBio product plays a vital role in research studies that are hot within the industry. You can find links to press releases for such cases here.

XpressBio Assists Preeminent Primate Research Center with Coronavirus Research Study

XpressBio Launches Cutting-Edge Cas9 ELISA Assay – An Essential Tool for Monitoring Cas9 Protein Levels in Cell Lines