Mycoplasma pulmonis ELISA Microplate


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Each plate is coated with Mycoplasma pulmonis (MYCO) Mycoplasma strain 14627: a purified inactivated whole organism propagated in Myco broth.  Will cross react with other Mycoplasmas.

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48 Antigen Wells and 48 Control Antigen Wells

SDS Microplates, 5.8.2020

Background Info

Mycoplasma pulmonis is a pleomorphic gram-negative bacterium of the family Mycoplasmataceae. The bacterium infects the upper respiratory tract and middle ear, and spreads via aerosol. Susceptibility and severity of infection depends on host strain, environmental conditions and presence of additional pathogens. Infection with M. pulmonis can alter experimental results involving the respiratory tract and cause mortality in long term studies. Mice and rats are the only natural hosts of this bacterium, although it has been found in rare cases in hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

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