Toolan’s H-1 Virus ELISA Microplate


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Each ELISA plate is coated with  Toolan’s Virus (H1) Parvovirus strain Toolan: The antigen is a purified inactivated whole virus propagated in NBHa cells. Will cross react with other Parvovirus

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48 Antigen Wells and 48 Control Antigen Wells

 For Research Use Only. Not for Diagnostic Use.

Background Info

Toolan’s H-1 virus is a small, nonenveloped single stranded DNA virus of the family Parvoviridae, genus Parvovirus. Transmission of H-1 occurs by exposure to infectious milk, urine, nasal secretions, and feces. Natural infection of H-1 does not appear to cause disease, and H-1 has little interference on laboratory research. Pathological changes due to this virus arise from its infection of replicating cells, causing cell lysis, and thus damage to the liver. Laboratory and wild rats are the only natural hosts of H-1 virus.

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