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XpressBio Life Science Products

XpressBio manufactures ELISA immunoassays and reagents for mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, canines, felines, and non-human primates.  Our Health Monitoring ELISA products range from an array of assays such as MHV, MPV, PVM, RPV, ECUN, MAD, RHDV, to a very unique native mouse parvo ELISA kit, mouse and rat pasteurella, and Helicobacter ELISA kits. 

Our customizable ELISA assays are totally unique in the industry. We also manufacture Toxicity ELISA Assays, as well as Vaccine Research Assays.

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  • Rat Multiplex Plate: 595-MX-R2C (TMEV, RMV)
  • Rat Multiplex Plate: 595-MX-R3A (Reo-3, Sendai, MAD FL)
  • Rat Multiplex Plate: 595-MX-R4C (Sendai, PVM, MHV, Myco)
  • Mouse Multiplex Plate: 595-MX- M3B (MHV, TMEV, Myco)
  • Mouse Multiplex Plate: 595-MX-M3H (MAD 87, LCM, MCMV)
  • Mouse Multiplex Plate: 595-MX-M4B (Myco, MAD FL, MAD 87, LCMV)
  • Mouse Multiplex Plate: 595-MX-M4C (Sendai, PVM, MHV, Myco)
  • Mouse Multiplex Plate: 595-MX-M4D (TMEV, EDIM, MVM, MPV 1&2)
  • Mouse Multiplex Plate: 595-MX-M5C (PVM, Reo-3, Sendai, Ectro, LCM)
  • Mouse Multiplex Plate: 595-MX-M7B (MHV, EDIM, MPV, PVM, Sendai, TMEV, Myco)
  • Mouse Multiplex Plate: 595-MX-M9A (MHV, EDIM, MVM, MPV, PVM, Sendai, TMEV, Tyzzer's, Myco)
  • Mouse Multiplex Kit: IM-MX-M2E (MCMV, MAD FL)

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